Why everyone needs to watch Delhi Crime

Do you ever hear/see something on the news which sticks with you forever? Which you will never be able to forget?

Jyoti Singh Pandey, or Nirbhaya Singh as she was known to us all. I will never forget her name nor the disgusting, sickening attack that she was victim of.

The Delhi Rape crime hit not even national but also global media outlets. Everyone everywhere was talking about it. You know what no one was talking about though? The Delhi Police force that we’re the driving force behind finding the culprits within three days.

Delhi Crime released on Netflix over the weekend and my gosh is it gripping! Directed by Richie Metha, this series focuses on the restless nights, the hard work and determination invested by all the officers on this case. And you know what I learnt from the first 5 mins of the first episode, which you may not have been aware of, the case was led by a phenomenal woman, DCP Chhaya Sharma. She led an army of police officers to help catch each and every man involved and put them behind bars.

Each actor has portrayed their character fantastically, and I even mean the perpetrators. I hate them. At every single stage of every single episode I despise them, I just want to drag them out of the screen and slap them, but that just shows what great actors they all are.

Shefali Shah, (IMO) an underrated actress has portrayed the character of the police officer leading her team so well. In every scene, you can sense her pain, anger and the determination to solve this heinous crime.

Delhi Crime doesn’t show the visuals of the crime, but there are points when the crime is described by different characters which reminds you how inhumane this was.

The show is truly brutal and heartbreaking, and I don’t think I got through a single episode without crying. This isn’t an easy watch at all, but it is a story that had to be told.


  1. Having read about this terrible story at the time, it was heartbreaking, what they did to that innocent child! My heart went out to her parents as well. Don’t have Netflix but the dramatisation must be something!! I guess the parents must have agreed to making the film. 🙏🏽😇


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