The tea tastes nicer in Yorkshire

If you’ve been following my social media, namely my Instagram, you’ll know that Tish and I have moved to Yorkshire! And honestly, I don’t know if the tea tastes nice in Yorkshire, I’m more of a coffee drinker. To be precise, we’ve moved to East Yorkshire, in a small market town called Beverley. It’s a close knit community and everyone here is very friendly. To be honest, everyone we have come across in Yorkshire is friendly.

Tish was headhunted for a great role in Hull and after much discussion and deliberation we decided to make the move in July! And it’s not like we’ve moved across the other side of the world, although it can feel like it sometimes!

Beverley Minster

Emotionally, moving away from family and friends will never be easy, which is why we are so grateful for the support given to us by everyone involved in the relocation process. They took all the stress and pressure off us and did absolutely everything. And when I say everything, I mean everything. The relocation team sourced a removals company, provided us with a relocation advisor, put us up in temporary accommodation and packed every single thing from our flat and and unpacked it at our new house. The only job for us was to decide where we wanted everything.

We spent the first two weeks getting our bearings and buying any furniture/appliances we needed. I’ve always taken for granted how close everything was to us in London. Our nearest Ikea is in Leeds which is about 1.5 hours away, which isn’t too bad I know, but when you literally lived around the corner from Ikea in London, travelling 1.5 hours seemed an absolute joke, especially with all the boxes in the back of the car. But it had to be done, and we ended up making that journey for two consecutive days. Needless to say, I am done with Ikea and do not want to see one until we decide to move again!

We spent the last 2.5 months settling in and getting to know our surroundings. Of course being in a small town means it’s very very quiet which is the complete opposite of what we’re used to. Do we miss the hustle and bustle? Not really. The roads are so much quieter, and there is no road rage. Traffic hardly piles up unless you’re going into a larger city. I do miss the shopping centres of course. We all know I’m a huge shopaholic and love spending a day at my beloved Westies! We have a town centre and small shopping complex near us, and although it has the shops I would normally go to like New Look or Topshop, they’re on a much smaller scale and therefore don’t have the variety of clothing we’re used to. However, all is ok now as I got a job in York right next to the city centre and of course, I have already scoped out where Zara and Space NK are.

We knew this would never be an easy move, and emotionally it has taken its toll on us, but Tish and I have each other to lean on and this will help us to grow together and become more independent. We can also use this move to explore cities in the North that we may not have otherwise.

If you have any recommendations of places to visit, things to see please leave a comment in the box below!



  1. You Both should be very proud of your achievements. Well done! Was so happy to see you both last week, loved the beach too! I’m always here when you need me. Good luck with your new home, work and wishing you the best in life, always❤️

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