Cheers to the New Year!

Lol, so I managed to write 3 posts this year, this being the 4th, go me! So much for attempting to make an effort with the blog!

So before i begin this, isn’t it crazy how it’s already 2015 on the other side of the world in Australia?! And here we are with still 7 hours to go until we’re hit with the ‘New Year, New Me’ shizz! :p

So a lot has happened this year which I’m excited to share. Some may know already, some may not.

Soo, if you didn’t know, he finally asked me the big question! And of course I said yes! He planned it all really well, telling me we were going to Gloucester for dinner, which obviouslyI was sceptical about. Why would you wIMG_3098ant to go all the way to Gloucester for dinner?! Who even does that!? But anyway, so a taxi picked us up and as we were on en route, I realised we were heading towards London, Tish (the other half) was adamant that we were definitely going to Gloucester until the taxi driver pulled up and said ‘Sir, your destination is here’. So here we are at the Shard, went all the way to the top and that’s where Tish proposed to me. No, Tish didn’t get down one knee, but when he was trying to propose to me, I got really nervous and kept on talking at which point Tish said ‘Veena will you just shut up and let me talk!’. Lol, oh and he nearly dropped the ring out of the Shard because it was so windy! So it was a funny, yet humorous proposal, but I wouldn’t have changed it for a thing. It was all done in pure Tish style. So, bring on wedding planning in the New Year!

IMG_5328Me and Tish got to travel to Marrakech again this year, but this time with friends. It was a good trip, until i became ill. Like I said previously if you travel to Marrakech in July, just take extra extra precaution. OR just don’t go in July at al :). We also got to visit Abu Dhabi and Dubai which was amazing. I visited Dubai in 2005 and A LOT has changed since. Abu Dhabi has a lot of culture andIMG_1510 sights to see. The Sheik Zayed Mosque is a must to visit, the largest Mosque in the UAE. Dubai is more shopping, shopping and shopping! Oh and relaxing! We stayed at the Sofitel on The Palm, which is a stunning hotel, however it is a little far out from the City so we had to travel an hour into the City everyday. I would definitely go to Dubai again, but next time stay closer to Dubai City.

Hmm..what else happened?! I passed my CIPD Level 3, and that has helped me to land a new job!!! I will be starting my new job in the new year which I am so so looking forward to as I know it’s gonna be a challenge but it means I’m taking the next step in my career!

And on a final note, the biggest thing to happen to me this year after getting engaged. I moved out. Yup, I finally flew the nest. Tish and I have a small flat in Colliers Wood which we had been redecorating since September, and we finally moved in on my 25th birthday. We’re still adjusting to living together and seeing each other e v e r y  s i n g l e  d a y, and we’ve had the odd argument about who’s going to wash the dishes or hoover the flat, but it’s all good fun, and after being together for over 7 years and now engaged, it was only right we took this next step to move in together.

So what will 2015 have in store for me? Well I know for sure wedding planning is number one on my list, and I cannot wait to start my new job.  I also have a few things lined up for the blog and maybe something else which I’ve been planning for a long time with a friend, but I don’t want to give too much away! Here’s wishing you all a fabulous 2015, and remember, it will only be as good as you make it!



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