Where have I been?!

Yes, I’ve neglected my blog again. And again I’ve thought you know I really should make an effort with this blogging thing, so I’m going to try and write a post every day this November. Try being the main word.

So where have I been and what have I been doing since my last post back in May?!

Well, apart from working, I’ve been studying for my Certificate in HR Practice which is now all done and I can officially use the words Assoc CIPD after my name, yay! 😊 A huge achievement for me as I vowed I would never do any sort of further studying. But I’ve really enjoyed studying for this so hopefully I’ll go on to complete my Level 5 sometime in the near future.

I had the chance to go to Marrakech again, but this time with friends. Aside from falling really ill with sunstroke and salmonella it was nice to go back to the beautiful Moroccan city. Word of advice for anyone thinking to travel to Morocco DO NOT go during July, we had highs of over 45• and that’s what caused me to get ill. I am a sun worshipper and absolutely love the heat and getting a tan, but 45• is ridiculous and really unbearable. We weren’t able to stay out in the heat for too long annoyingly enough, and also that’s what caused me to get ill!!

More recently, me and Tish (the better half) have got a flat! 😄 Unfortunately we haven’t moved in as we’ve been redecorating the place exactly how we want it. So *fingers crossed* we’re hoping it will all be finished by the end of November! Exciting times!

And that’s it really! So since January, this is my 3rd post lol, so much for blogging on a regular basis, let’s see how long I last for my November blogging challenge!!

Now to go and decide what tomorrow’s post should be about…🙇

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