A must have in your make-up bag!

Just a quick one today and as I’ve been neglecting my blog lately, but there’s one product that I believe EVERY girl should have in her make-up bag – Lip scrub!

I bought my first little pot of lip scrub last year and I’ve been addicted since! I would definitely recommend the Lush lip scrub range which will leave your lips not onlyPopcorn lipscrub soft but smelling absolutely delicious!

I use my lip scrub every night and finish off with some vaseline, any soothing lip balm will do really. In the morning my lips are soft and ready to have some lippy smacked on! Lipstick doesn’t look nice on cracked and flakey lips, and using lip scrub means my lipstick will always look smooth and perfect!

How to use

It’s really not had to figure out how you should use this product by I’ve found that there’s two ways depending on how flakey your lips may be.

1. Splash some warm water on your lips and with dry fingers take a pea size amount (seriously, a little bit goes a long way, and the jar will last you a good couple of months – I’ve just got on to my second jar) and scrub gently over the lips. The how to use instruction on the jar suggests to lick your lips to remove any excess, I prefer not to do that, just because the lip scrubs are very sweet, so I splash some more warm water on my lips and it kind of melts off, and pat dry with a clean towel. This method gently exfoliates your lips and it’s not too harsh on the skin.

2. The other way you can use this product (which I prefer not to) is to eliminate splashing water on your lips at the beginning and to go straight into exfoliating them, this will work as a much harsher scrub and will leave your lips a little sore and quite red.

The Lush lip scrub range will set you back £5.25 a tub  and comes in a range of flavours – Bubblegum, Popcorn and Mint Julep; so I have a cheaper alternative for you, that you can make using household products, but unfortunately you won’t get that delicious smell (or taste!), all you need is some sugar and olive oil. Take a tablespoon of sugar (white or brown, your choice), and half a teaspoon of olive oil and mix together. You can store your lip scrub in those small marmalade/jam jars and store in the fridge to keep it fresh, and that’s it, homemade lip scrub done. You can experiment by adding a bit of coconut oil or jasmine oil for a more sweeter smelling scrub, or even a bit of honey to make it taste nicer.

Let me know ladies if I have persuaded you to buy or even make some lip scrub, and how you found it, pop a comment below and share your recipes too!

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