Happy Birthday Glossybox!


One of the UK’s much-loved subscription beauty box turns 2 this month, and I was lucky enough to bag myself a free Glossybox at their event in Covent Garden on Wednesday!

For some who don’t know what Glossybox is, it’s a subscription beauty box and you receive 5 gorgeous sample products delivered straight to your door! What more could a girl want?!

I joined Glossybox last year on their rolling monthly subscription for about two months and then being unemployed and all that palava I had to cut back on things I didn’t need. But I joined again last month, and did mean to blog about their special edition Daisy Lowe box, but have been so busy and didn’t get the chance. Forgive me? ūüôā

So walking around Covent Garden with my boyfriend and we saw loads of girls with Glossybox gift bags, I was intrigued but kind of forgot about it after a while. We carried on walking around and came across a HUGE line of people and there was this MASSIVE white box in the middle. I asked a couple of the ladies what they were waiting for and they all said¬†they were waiting for their free Glossyboxes. I wasn’t going to queue up as I have a subscription but my boyfriend literally pushed me into the line! And I’m glad he did! I got myself a free Birthday Edition Glossybox (plus I’ve got one on the way in the post)!

The Birthday Edition Glossybox came in a pretty pale pink with printed tissue paper to celebrate their 2nd birthday.Glossybox May 2013


The Products

Headline Colours nail polish – Catwalk

Full size 10 ml, value £9

Headline Colours nail varnish; rich and long-lasting says it all. They released their Spring/Summer collection based on catwalk inspirations. Catwalk is a russian red which can glam up any outfit for any occasion.

Headline Colours

Jelly Pong Pong – Fairy Lashes Mascara

Full size 8ml, value £15

A long-lasting, waterproof mascara, making your eyelashes thicker and curlier.

Jelly Pong Pong Mascara

Beautiful Movements Cosmetics РPrime & Create Mixing Medium (sample)

Full size 20g, value £20

When I saw this I didn’t actually know what it was, so I did a bit of research. Kimberley Wyatt former Pussycat Doll is the¬†mastermind¬†behind Beautiful Movements Cosmetics, formerly known as BM¬†Cosmetics. This Prime & Create Mixing Medium has various uses. To name a few;

  • Use as a primer to give a matt base for make up application
  • Mix with eyeshadow to create a liquid eyeliner

Premae РHarmony Balm (sample)

Full size 30ml, value £26.95

Premae is the world’s 1st beauty brand to be allergy friendly and is free from¬†ingredients¬†such as milk, soy and wheat (plus 5 more)! The Harmony Creme Balm can be used as a skin protector and primer which leaves your skin with a dewy finish.It also helps people like me with problem skin, so I will¬†definitely¬†be giving this a go!

Primer and MoisturiserRoger and Gallet РFleur de Figuler sachets (sample)

Full size body lotion 200ml, value £30

Full size shower cream 200ml, value £9

Full size Eau fraiche* 100ml, value £32

A light yet warming scent with hints of grapefruit and mandarin to leave you smelling fresh.

2013-05-09 19.52.57*Eau fraiche is a heavily diluted version of the scent. The words literally translate into ‘fresh water’. It has bout 3% or less of parfum oil and has less alcohol content than eau de cologne or sometime no alcohol content.

I will try to write monthly blogs on Glossybox but with the demands of work and trying to maintain some sort of social life it gets a little difficult. I did rush this a little too as it’s now past 2am and I’m really tired :(.

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