Butter London in Boots


Aahh! So if any of you follow me on Twitter or Instagram then you would have seen my excitement over finding these lovely nail varnishes or nail lacquer as they call it at my local Boots store.

Butter London was started by British entrepreneur Sasha Muir who wanted to create luxurious, affordable nail products, and damn, did she do a good job!!

IMG_4431I decided to buy a bright pink polish called ‘Snog’ just because I thought I’m paying £12, which proved to be absolutely worth it, I should go for a colour slightly out of my comfort zone. I applied the colour with two thin layers rather than just doing one thick colour, and I absolutely LOVE the colour. I’ve had it on a week now and it’s not chipped and looks like a fresh mani!

And, a little confession..I loved the polish so much, I bought myself another cheeky bottle. I bought ‘Teddy Girl’ which is a sort of baby/bubblegum pink. Will do a swatch and show you guys soon! But, Butter London, definitely worth it, £12 a bottle, get yours from Boots!

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